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Application Note – Sterilization N.2 – Preparation of material before sterilization

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Application Note – Sterilization N.2

Preparation of material before sterilization


All the material to be sterilized must be free from all residual matter (e.g.: blood, organic tissue, mineral deposits, etc.), and should also be dry.


  1. The instruments (e.g.: surgical tools) should be cleaned as soon as possible after their use. Ultrasonic bath can be used.
  2. Rinse the instrument after cleaning.

Instrument preparation

Final cleaning and lubrication (if requested) according to the instrument manufacturer’s.

The instruments should be bagged or introduced in plastic or metal container that allow steam penetration.

The plastic bags never should be in contact with the heating element on the bottom.


  • Read the suggestion/information of the manufacturer for proper sterilization temperature and time.
  • Insert a sterilization chemical indicator in each try or inside each wrapped pack.
  • The biological indicator should be used weekly/monthly according to the available specific  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The “spore test” should be positioned in the areas that are most difficult for the steam to reach.
  • Be sure that all instruments remain separated during the sterilization cycle to guarantee a free access/circulation of the steam. Do not overload the autoclave chamber and the trays/basket because overloading will produce not correct sterilization and drying cycles. 
  • Empty container/canister should be placed inside the autoclave upside-down to prevent accumulation of water.
  • The autoclave must be opened, at the end of the sterilization cycle, only at the temperature indicated by the manufacture.